June 24, 2007

ScotiaBank Theatre (The Paramount)

Recently rechristened the ScotiaBank Theatre, The Paramount (I'll always call it The Paramount) is a large, modern multiplex located a block south of Queen Street at the corner of John and Richmond. The Paramount sits at the southwestern-most point of the festival area, making it a long walk (and even a relatively long subway ride) from theaters on the north end of downtown, The Cumberland and The Varsity. Allow at least a half hour between screenings if you have to make that trip.

Typically, theaters 1-4 are devoted exclusively to TIFF films throughout the festival. Each features stadium seating and massive screens. The roomy, upstairs lobby offers a wide variety of food and drink choices, including better-than-average coffee. More than once I've arranged my schedule so as to spend the entire day at The Paramount. It's my favorite festival venue.

Subway Stop: Osgoode (walk one block south and two blocks west)
Rush & Ticket-Holder Lines: Form outside of the theater along Richmond Street

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j robert said...

Again, I agree with Darren. I know a lot of TIFFers who look down their nose on the Paramount, just because it's a huge multiplex without any character. But the incredible sightlines and great sound more than make up for that, imo. And I'm not too proud to admit I've bought a Whopper when I only had 20 minutes between movies.

The other cool thing about the Paramount is that, because the sightlines are so good, people don't feel the need to line up that early. That means you don't have to arrive 30-45 minutes early just to get a decent seat, and it also makes it much easier to save seats for another 5-8 people. As Darren and I do with some frequency. Given the somewhat obsessive-compulsive approach to TIFF that Darren and I share, it's no surprise that we're often beating our friends to the venues. Friends who shall go nameless. :)

Darren said...

"That means you don't have to arrive 30-45 minutes early just to get a decent seat"

That reminds me of one other thing . . . I love scheduling morning movies at The Paramount. Morning is my favorite time to watch films, in general -- I've made a ritual of watching a film every Saturday and Sunday morning -- but I especially like walking to the Paramount and getting there with just enough time to ride up the escalator, grab a cup of coffee, and read through the Festival Daily newspaper for five minutes before the film starts.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Is this one called Scotiabank now?

Darren said...

Yep. I think I covered that in the first sentence. ;)

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Is the first line the one where you mention that The Paramount is now called Scotiabank?