June 26, 2007

Vanguard (2007)

  • BOY A John Crowley, UK
  • LES CHANSONS D’AMOUR Christophe Honoré, France
  • CHRYSALIS Julien Leclercq, France
  • CONTROL Anton Corbijn, UK/Australia
  • DÉFICIT Gael García Bernal, Mexico
  • EX DRUMMER Koen Mortier, Belgium
  • THE EXODUS Pang Ho-cheung, Hong Kong
  • HELP ME EROS Lee Kang-sheng, Taiwan
  • ME Rafa Cortés, Spain
  • MISTER LONELY Harmony Korine, UK/France/Ireland/USA
  • NAISSANCE DES PIEUVRES Céline Sciamma, France
  • THE ORPHANAGE Juan Antonio Bayona, Spain
  • PARANOID PARK Gus Van Sant, France
  • PING PONG PLAYA' Jessica Yu, USA
  • SAD VACATION Aoyama Shinji, Japan
  • SMILEY FACE Gregg Araki, USA
  • XXY Lucía Puenzo, Argentina/Spain/France


James said...

I'm pretty excited to see Anton Corbijn's film about Joy Division. Black and white cinematography from an amazing photographer. Let's hope the script is decent.

Darren Hughes said...

I doubt I'll see Control at TIFF but only because I suspect it'll eventually come to Knoxville. It got surprisingly strong reviews at Cannes, even from the British press.

Maya said...

The Gommorahizer at Twitch has had his eye on El Orfanato/The Orphanage for a while now. His posts tend to be on the repetitive edge so his most recent pretty much encapsulates what he's uncovered, including trailers and images from various international websites.

Maya said...

...and then, of course, there is Dave Hudson's compendium of Cannes reviews of El Orfanato at The Greencine Daily.

Darren said...

I'm kind of surprised The Orphanage was programmed in Vanguard, which seemed to be more focused on sex films (like Short Bus) last year. It looks like it would have made a good Midnight Madness film.

I was glad to see that Warner Bros. logo on the trailer for The Orphanage. I assume Del Toro has a deal with them? Since WB is distributing the film, it'll eventually come to Knoxville so I won't have to use a TIFF spot to see it. :)

Maya said...

Interesting. I'm exactly the opposite. I love to be among first audiences, especially if it's a film I suspect I will like, even if the film has distribution (which will be by Picturehouse by the way). The reviews have been nearly incandescent and Juan Antonio Bayona is high on my list of potential interviewees. I love talking to first-time directors; they have a unique enthusistic energy.

Does this mean you will also be skipping No Country For Old Men?

Darren said...

No Country for Old Men will be a last-minute decision. If it happens to play in a spot that doesn't compete with another film, I'll probably get a ticket, but, otherwise, I'll wait until it comes to town.

Maya said...

Regarding your earlier comment regarding El Orfanato/The Orphanage being possibly more suitable for Midnight Madness, Todd Brown's recent Twitch assessment of the Vanguard program opines: "the Vanguard program - a home for edgy, oftentimes genre based new film that is too strange for the mainstream programs but yet not quite strange enough for Midnight Madness."

Maya said...

Scooping up even more from Twitch, I thought you might appreciate Todd Brown's review of Control, James.

msic said...

The Vanguard program is only two years old (Noah Cowen's brainchild, I think), and yes, last year it seemed to be about sex and risque material. (A bunch of us were trying to hash out the exact difference between Vanguard and Visions, and concluded it was about outre content vs. form.) But this year, it looks more like a mixed bag, with "youth oriented" perhaps being the operative assumption this time around.

Maya said...

Twitch offers up the first stills from Lee Kang-Sheng's Help Me Eros.

Maya said...

Todd Brown at Twitch offers up the first American teaser trailer and website for The Orphanage.

Paul Martin said...

Mister Lonely was my favourite film at the Melbourne International Film Festival (I saw 40 films over 19 days). It's an unusual film, different to anything Harmony Korine has done previously. It's also quite deep and emotional in spite of its seemingly frivolous plot. FYI, I've written a short review.

Maya said...

The Orphanage scared the beejesus out of me, seriously, my hands were over my mouth the whole time. Just scored an interview with Bayona!