July 11, 2007

Additions to Gala and Special Presentations (2007)

Eight more films have been added to the Gala and Special Presentations programs, including Cannes best director Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. (via indieWIRE)

I want to invite everyone to discuss the announced films in the various program posts. I'd be especially curious to hear from anyone who has actually seen the films, either at festivals or during theatrical runs in other countries.

Edit: The announcement is now up on the official TIFF site.


Dan Sallitt said...

I saw In Memory of Me at the Walter Reade in NYC. I didn't enjoy it much, though lots of people did. I quote myself: "In Memory of Me was very much in Bresson's shadow - it felt like A Man Escaped with hints of Escape from Alcatraz! - but I didn't enjoy it. It's a classic case of a filmmaker unwilling to go to the interior place that his material demands, and so inadvertently turning his movie into a plodding pseudo-noir about monks spying on each other and not learning anything interesting...."

Maya said...

Darren, I've just returned from a two-week break from blogging (man, it felt good!) to find this--as ever--consummate tool!! Thanks for putting in the intelligence and insight to making this year's experience of Toronto even better. I'm especially excited this year because I just secured my press credentials; something I thought was impossible for a little ol' blogger like me. I'm looking forward to scouring this site.