July 19, 2007

Two Quick Notes (2007)

First, Paolo Barzman's Emotional Arithmetic will be the closing night film.

Second, Robert Davis's latest podcast begins with a ten-minute conversation with J. Robert Parks that they recorded midway through TIFF 2006. I listened to it this morning with a big, stupid grin on my face, because it's exactly the kind of conversation one stumbles into five or six times a day during the festival.


davis said...

Darren, I'd intended to try to get 5-10 minutes from friends willing to share their thoughts on the fest, but just like the blogging ambitions that many of us have on day one, the idea evaporated quickly under the crush of movies. But when I listened to that chat with J. Robert again recently, I wished I'd tried harder.

j robert said...

Thanks, Darren.

I've been thinking that I might bring a digital recorder to TIFF this year and continue what Rob started. Since he won't be there. :(

We'll see how it goes.