August 28, 2007

Buying Tickets, Filling Out Forms

While we all wait for the schedule to be announced and our packages to arrive, consider this the post for discussing how to buy tickets and fill out the Out-of-Town forms. For now, here are a couple great primers from TIFF Talk:

  • Advanced Ticketing -- how the process works, including an illustrated description of the lottery system
  • Filling Out the Form (2007 edition) -- I'm guessing that tomorrow evening, when we're all hunched over our packets, green and yellow highlighters in hand, this link is going to come in handy
Feel free to ask questions in the comments.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I went first thing this morning and was impressed, the line moved quickly and now have package and film book. I can't wait til tonight when I can put on the kettle and plan, plan, plan!

girish said...

Does anyone know: are the Roy Thomson Galas off-limits to festival pass holders?

Darren said...

Yep. There might be individual tickets still for sale for some of the galas, but you can't use your festival pass to get them.

girish said...

Thanks, Darren.

Dan Sallitt said...

But you can use your festival pass to go to any other screening of those films besides the Roy Thomson ones.

girish said...

Thanks, Dan. There are 2 screenings of the Podeswa film on opening night, and the one that is conflict-free for me is unfortunately at Roy Thomson Hall.

Oh well, I'll get back early to the B&B and get a good night's sleep instead. Which'll come in handy given the 3-hr Wang Bing film in the morning!