August 3, 2007

Film Comment on TIFF

(by Girish.)

Can I just say that Darren's endearing TIFF-obsessiveness is (1) wonderfully infectious, which is great all by itself, but more importantly, it's (2) a generous obsession, directed toward helping and serving others (meaning, us)?

Anyway, just a personal note to thank Darren for creating and running 1st Thursday. Michael Guillen at The Evening Class does the same by collecting and writing up a few Film Comment TIFF recommendations.


Darren said...

Thanks, g. I'm going out of town for the next four days and am hoping I can muster the will to not take my computer with me. Updates will resume then.

James said...

I have the issue of Film Comment in question and it's helped me nail down six of (alas, only) ten spots. But I almost don't want to read too much more until I see the schedule. I like to leave room for the "accidental" discovery that I picked because it fit a spot in my schedule.