June 27, 2008

Offical Site is Live

I'm digging the grainy, out-of-focus aesthetic.


the liberal samurai said...

Love the new site but where are the programmer/filmmaker blogs?!!?

Darren said...

Last year the official TIFF blogs worked better in theory than in practice, I thought. There wasn't a whole lot of content there. Maybe they cut their losses this year?

Grease1739 said...

I do miss the tiff blogs, but I'm happy that they brought back the "World/North American/International Premiere" designations. It can be a big help when determining the likelihood of directors and cast showing up.


Do you have any need for hotel info still? Also, I hope you will bring back the individual analysis on the theatres again this year.

Darren said...

Yeah, send along any hotel info you come up with, and I'll happily post it. I'm not sure if I'll be updating the theaters, but for now you can always click on the theaters label to see them all listed. I guess I'll need to add the AMC, and if anyone can describe Roy Thompson (I've never attended a gala) I'll add that too.