July 15, 2008

New Additions to Gala, Special Presentations, Masters, and Contemporary World Cinema

I've just returned from a quick trip to the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, so I'm a bit late in posting the most recent batch of announcements (release 1, release 2). I've updated the individual entries to reflect the additions: Gala Presentations, Special Presentations, Masters, Contemporary World Cinema. And remember you can always click on the "Films" label to see the full, updated lineup.

As usual, the newest list of world premieres includes a number of filmmakers I've never heard of. I'm probably most excited to see a new film by Bhodan Slama, whose film Something Like Happiness was one of my most pleasant surprises at TIFF 2005. If you know anything about the films, please feel free to leave comments in the other posts.


Grease1739 said...

"Happy Go Lucky" is getting good buzz and is supposed to be a crowd pleaser.(A nice change of pace from the director of Vera Drake and Secrets and Lies)

I'm also interested to see the new film from Baltasar Kormakur. I really enjoyed "Jar City" last year, and he has had a few other entries in past festivals, so he should be in attendance.