July 29, 2008

Venice Lineup (2008)

I'm not sure how this works exactly, but I assume Venice gets to announce these titles before TIFF. Presumably, many of these films will be announced in the coming days as North American premieres for Toronto. Anyone care to speculate on the "2 surprise films" that will play in the Orizzonti?

New films by Denis (and not White Material, as I'd expected), Aronofsky, Kitano, Jia (a new short), Kiarostami (the Binoche film), de Oliviera, Varda, McElwee, and several other big names.

In Competition

  • Darren Aronofsky The Wrestler – USA
  • Guillermo Arriaga The Burning Plain – USA
  • Pupi Avati Il papà di Giovanna – Italy
  • Marco Bechis BirdWatchers – Italy
  • Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic L’Autre – France
  • Kathryn Bigelow Hurt Locker – USA
  • Pappi Corsicato Il seme della discordia – Italy
  • Jonathan Demme Rachel Getting Married – USA
  • Haile Gerima Teza – Ethiopia / Germany / France
  • Aleksey German Jr. Bumažnyj soldat (Paper Soldier) – Russia
  • Semih Kaplanoglu Süt – Turkey / France / Germany
  • Takeshi Kitano Akires to kame (Achilles and the Tortoise) – Japan
  • Hayao Miyazaki Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on Cliff by the Sea) – Japan
  • Amir Naderi Vegas: Based on a True Story – USA
  • Mamoru Oshii The Sky Crawlers – Japan
  • Ferzan Özpetek Un giorno perfetto – Italy
  • Christian Petzold Jerichow – Germany
  • Barbet Schroeder Inju, la Bête dans l’ombre – France
  • Werner Schroeter Nuit de chien – France / Germany / Portugal
  • Tariq Teguia Gabbla (Inland) – Algeria / France
  • YU Lik-wai Dangkou (Plastic City) – Brazil / China / Hong Kong/China / Japan
Out of Competition
  • Paolo Benvenuti Puccini e la fanciulla – Italy
  • Adriano Celentano Yuppi Du – Italy
  • Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Burn After Reading – USA
  • Claire Denis 35 Rhums – France / Spain
  • JIA Zhangke Heshang aiqing (Cry me a river) (short film) – China / Spain / France
  • Abbas Kiarostami Shirin – Iran
  • Domenico Modugno Tutto è musica (1963) – Italy
  • Mario Monicelli Vicino al Colosseo… c’è Monti (short film) – Italy
  • Manoel de Oliveira Do Visível ao Invisível (short film) – Brazil / Portugal
  • Tito Schipa Jr. Orfeo 9 (1973) – Italy
  • Agnés Varda Les Plages d’Agnès – France
  • Fabrice Du Welz Vinyan – France / UK / Belgium
  • José Mojica Marins Encarnação do demonio – Brazil
  • Piero Tellini Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) (1959) – Italy
Orizzonti (a section aiming to provide an overview of new trends in cinema)
  • Ramin Bahrani Goodbye Solo – USA
  • Julio Bressane, Rosa Dias A Erva do Rato – Brazil
  • Arnaud des Pallières Parc – France
  • Lav Diaz Melancholia – Philippines
  • Philippe Grandrieux Un lac – France
  • Mikhail Kalatozishvili Dikoe Pole (Wild Field) – Russia
  • Mirko Locatelli Il primo giorno d’inverno – Italy
  • Gerardo Naranjo Voy a explotar – Mexico
  • Francis Xavier Pasion Jay – Philippines
  • Marco Pontecorvo Pa-ra-da – Italy / France / Romania
  • Tariq Tapa Zero Bridge – India / USA
  • Jean-Pierre Duret, Andréa Santana Puisque nous sommes nés - France / Brazil
  • HUANG Wenhai Women - China / Switzerland
  • Ross McElwee In Paraguay – USA
  • Avi Mograbi Z32 – Israel / France
  • Gianfranco Rosi Below Sea Level – Italy / USA
  • Eugenio Polgovsky Los Herederos – Mexico
  • Andreï Schtakleff, Jonathan Le Fourn L’Exil et le royaume – France
  • 2 Surprise Films


msic said...

No idea about the surprise films, but the fact that the Coens are showing out of comp (not to mention Kiarostami and Denis) is surprise enough.

Also: docs are up.


Darren said...

I haven't paid too much attention to Venice in the past. Is the In/Out designation a reliable indication of quality?

Frankly, I hated that Kiarostami film they showed in Wavelengths '06 so much, my expectations are pretty low for the new one.

msic said...

Not really. It's a mixed bag, just like Cannes. This year, however, just seems rather lopsided, with a lot of unknowns, unappealing knowns, and relative newcomers in Comp and a bevy of major veterans below the line.

That said, lots of reliable folks have been impressed with Yu's last two films (with the post-punk titles), and Teguia's "Rome Rather Than You" has some major champions. Personally I found previous films by Gerima, Kaplanoglu, Naderi, and Avati, to say nothing of Arriaga and Aronofsky, poor to unwatchable. And I'm kind of a nay-sayer on the whole Petzold phenom, though I'm reserving judgment.

Schroeter is a pleasant surprise though. And I hope the Kitano is more "Takeshis'" and much, much less "Glory to the Filmmaker!"

James said...

Hope the McElwee film comes to TIFF, even though it wasn't in the Docs announcement. Slim chance, I suppose,but one can hope.

msic said...

Oh, I think it'll be there. Powers promised more docs to come, and they usually reserve the big guns for the final announcements. I mean, they haven't said anything about Toback's Tyson yet, but that seems like a 99% certainty.