August 6, 2008

Spanish language and Asian films added

Two more press releases today, announcing new additions to Contemporary World Cinema, Galas, Masters, Real to Reel, Special Presentations, Vanguard, and Visions. (Click "Films" to see the complete list of announced films.)

New films by Takeshi Kitano and Hirokazu Kore-eda will be welcomed news for a lot of people, but I'm most excited to see confirmation of Albert Serra's Birdsong.


Anonymous said...

Serra's new film, like his last one, is in Catalan, not Spanish.

Darren said...

Apparently parts of it are also in Hebrew -- at least according to Mark Peranson from Cinema Scope magazine, who plays Joseph in the film.

msic said...

Yes, it's true. Mark's parts are in Hebrew. Why not?

I'll chime in on the Wavelengths stuff really soon -- I wrote a long comment, but blogger ate it!

Also, now I'm ready to throw out predictions for the two surprise films at Venice. One will almost certainly be Gus Van Sant's "Milk." I'll take the outside long shot and say the second might be Angelopoulos's "The Dust of Time."