September 2, 2008

Picking Up Your Tickets

Toronto locals have already begun picking up their ticket orders (here are first-hand accounts from TIFF Talk and Movie Moxie). For those of us coming to town later in the week, the main thing to note is the change in location. Instead of heading to the bowels of College Park, we'll all need to go to:

Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square
10 Dundas Street East, third floor
[ Google Map ]

Would any local be willing to post specific directions to the office in the comments? Is it at all hard to find?


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It's not hard to find at all. It's on the North East corner of Yonge & Dundas (you will see the big red AMC signs).

Although the box office is on the 3rd floor, the lines tend to be outside. There tend to be a lot of TIFF staff around (look for headsets & clipboards), I usually ask somewhere where to once I get to the location.

I stopped by Tuesd at 10:30 am, they estimated the line up for pick up would be at least an hour - I didn't have that long so I'll be going back later today!

Bumpyminion said...

I have some pictures of the corner outside here:
This other post has pictures of the outside of the building and level 3 (directory map and pic from the elevator)
I'll try and get up some other ones this week of the food court and the exterior of the office now that it's got all the signage up.

Bumpyminion said...

Added some more info -

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Waits were pretty long, so make sure you take sunscreen/hat or umbrella. (I'm used to it being inside.)

I got to the box office at 6:45 today (Friday) for ticket exchange, and although the same days for gala screenings sell out pretty quick, I was able to make my changes with only 10 minutes of line waiting once it opened.