June 23, 2009

Visions (2009)


Daniel said...

KARAOKE was one I missed in Cannes and really wanted to catch.

I heard that some of NYMPH, which I found deadly dull and far too festival filmy, was unfinished for its Cannes screening, including its color correction, so it might be worth revisiting.

The Rodrigues was one of the best films at Cannes; the Martin is totally worth seeing; the Tsai, of course.

msic said...

Pen-ek has gotten several tries from me and has yet to connect. His last one, Ploy, was real bad.

Glad to hear the Rodrigues is strong, Danny. This guy's severely underrated. O Fantasmais just...uncompromising.

Maya said...

Sadly, I've given up on Pen-ek as well. His last two left me bored. I probably won't catch another of his films until there's some kind of critical fervor over a film.

Though I've heard mixed things about Face, Tsai continues to intrigue me.

I'm completely excited by the Rodrigues film. He is one of my favorites and I'm hoping to God that he'll be there to interview.

Good news on the Martin film.