July 30, 2009

Six Weeks and Counting

With the unveiling of the Venice lineup, we now know a bit more about what to expect from the next wave of announcements. Presumably, most of the competition films will find their way to Toronto, including new work by Claire Denis, Jacques Rivette, Fatih Akin, and Patrice Chereau. The out of competition lineup also includes interesting names like Fruit Chan, Abel Ferrara, Joe Dante, and Oliver Stone (?). With a total of 71 world premieres, Venice is also spotlighting a lot of names that are new to me. Any recommendations?

A couple other questions:

  • Horizons Events includes new films by Herzog, Sokurov, and Wiseman. I assume these are shorts?
  • With only six weeks left, does anyone care to predict which Cannes/Venice title(s) won't be at TIFF?

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. TIFF has announced eight more films, including the Akin and Dante. Also, films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Jason Reitman.


Darren said...

Despite its less-than-over-the-moon reception at Cannes, the film I'm now most eager to see announced for TIFF is Ne change rien.

cstults said...

The Herzog is a four minute short that has something to do with La Boheme in Africa.

The other two (Sokurov and Wiseman) are feature length documentaries - the Wiseman runs 159' and Sokurov 96'.

Also, the Jacques Rivette is 84 minutes!!! Is he becoming more muscular in his old age? Joe Dante's film is a reel longer than Rivette's - what is the world coming to.

Jeremy Heilman said...

Among the remaining Cannes comp. films, The White Ribbon, Antichrist, & Looking for Eric all seem like solid bets to show up.

In the Beginning I am skeptical about. If Ebert is right that it is France's big Oscar contender this year, I would expect it @ TIFF, but otherwise it seems like the sort of Comp. entry they'd ignore.

Kinatay & Vincere could go either way. It seems relatively safe to count out Map the Sounds of Tokyo, though.

Out of comp., I'd be surprised if most of the following didn't get TIFFed: The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus, The Father of My Children, Dogtooth, I Killed My Mother, Agora, & Jaffa.

I'd say that the unconfirmed but relatively sure things from the Venice lineup would include the Denis, Rivette, Chereau, Akin, van Dormael, Ford, Hillcoat, Jayasundara, Tsukamoto, Heslov & Rintaro films.

The thing I'm most desperate to see announced would be Philippe Grandrieux's A Lake. It's been floating around for close to a year now, but as far as I know it hasn't had a North American premiere. :(

Dan Sallitt said...

I am extremely excited about the Jayasundara. I'm also interested in "I Travel Because I Have to, I Come Back Because I Love You" - Gomes (Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures) and Ainouz (Madame Sata, Suely in the Sky) are both really talented guys.