August 20, 2009

Thoughts on the final film list?

With the latest round of press releases, we now have the complete list of films. The schedule will go live next Tuesday, which gives us five days to bitch and moan about the omissions (Rivette! Costa! Ade! Cisse!), cheer for the new additions (Denis!), and, hopefully, discover some hidden gems among the long list of premieres and first-time directors.

Most of the people who keep an eye on this site have since moved the discussion to Twitter and Facebook, but if you have thoughts about the lineup, I'd love to hear them. And, please, if anyone can recommend a film that might otherwise be overlooked, share it in the comments.

I'm thinking that with some kind providence from the scheduling gods, I won't have much trouble finding 35-40 good/great films this year.



Michael said...

Early tip: Philip Hoffman's All Fall Down is really quite good.

Michael said...

As far as bitching and moaning goes, I haven't got a lot of it. It's pretty clear now that the Rivette was the mysterious French film that Cameron Bailey tweeted about losing a few weeks ago. (Why, I do not know.)
Most surprising omission(s) are the two Michael Glawogger films, the drama Der Vaterspiel (Kill Daddy Goodnight) and the stoner comedy Contact High. TIFF has been pretty stalwart in supporting him in the past.

Blake Williams said...

Hey Darren,
do you know what this is:

I would think that if The Illusionist were playing in the festival it would get some kind of buzz, but this makes it seem like it is, but in Yonge Dundas Square? this can't be right.

Rivette was my #1 for the festival but it's not there, but I'm very excited for the Ben Russel and Claire Denis.

Crunchy Squirrel said...

While we're on the subject of curious pages on the TIFF site,
where did this come from?

I've read every press release obsessively and have no idea when this was announced. Anyone?

Crunchy Squirrel said...

Mystery (partially) solved. The film was THE WARRIOR AND THE WOLF, from Tian Zhuangzhuang(!), but the page has disappeared. I assume this was the major film that dropped out recently. Sad, really, since it sounded pretty interesting...

Nick said...

I'm hoping you'll share the identities of those 35-40 good/great films with us. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to (try to) see and it's...difficult.